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I am Mrs. Chandra, 70 years old Female, residing at Ammapet, Salem. I am a Hypertensive Patient for 8 years on treatment. On 05.10.2015 I tripped and fell down at home . After that I got a severe pain in my Right hip, unable to stand or walk. I was taken to SPMM Hospital, Ammapet Salem which is near my house and my regular hospital.

My X –ray report revealed the diagnose “ Fracture neck of Femur Right side” ( Right hip fracture). I was admitted under Dr.T.VIDHYA SEKARAN MS.,(Ortho) who is one of the Senior, Experienced and Best Orthopedician in Salem . My age and General Health Conditions did not support surgery. But however, doctor Dr.T.VIDHYA SEKARAN MS.,(Ortho) and other department doctors treated me and improved my General Health Conditions and I underwent the Ortho Surgery “ CEMENTED BIPOLAR HEMIARTHROPLASTY” for Hip bone Replacement successfully. While it is a general opinion that surgery after 70 years is risk and has poor success rate, this hospital performed a successful surgery to me and now I am able to stand and walk well.

Thanks to SPMM Hospital and Dr.T.VIDHYA SEKARAN M.S.,(Ortho) and Other Doctors for giving me a second life!

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