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I am Ramalingam, 68 years old. I am a Diabetic Patient for 29 years on treatment. Recently I was diagnosed to have “Tripple Vessel Disease” which is a complicated & costly one to treat. I was advised to undergo “ Open Heart Surgery” . But my Health & Economic condition did not support the surgery. I got dejected. But SPMM gave me helping hand to undergo “Open Heart Surgery” under TNCHMIS. I got admitted in SPMM under Dr.JVM—- (Interventional Cardiologist) and the surgery was performed by the Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr.PRATEEK BHATNAGAR —-. Here the doctor used a special techinique “Beating Heart Technique” which makes the complicated Open heart surgery successfull and recovered my life. Now I am normal and happy.

Thanks to SPMM , TNCHMIS & SPMM Doctors

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