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Hi, I am Chitra Devi, 32 years old female, W/o. Banzilal residing at Patchapptti, Salem. At my 2nd age I was attacked by Polio disease and both of my legs became inactive and I am unable to walk. Got married at 2011 at the age of 27. Approached Dr. VIDHYA PRABHAKAR MD., DGO., at SPMM Hospital and got treated for progeny. Got pregnant and delivered a female baby on 25th May 2011 by LSCS. I feel my life is gifted after motherhood. Even though my health is poor, and not so fit for a baby I didn’t felt so difficult at my pregnancy time under the care of Dr.VIDHYA PRABHAKAR. Now my daughter is 3 ½ years old and now I am visiting the doctor for consultation for 2nd baby. My confidence is because of Dr.VIDHYA PRABHAKAR madam and SPMM Hospital.

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