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Patient Rights

  • Patient right, supports individual beliefs, values and involve the patient & family in decision making processes.
  • Respect for personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.
  • Protection from physical abuse or neglect.
  • Patient rights include refusal of treatment.
  • Patient rights include obtaining informed consent before carrying out procedures.
  • Patient rights include information on how to voice a complaint.
  • Patient rights include information on the expected cost of the treatment.
  • Patient has a right to have an access to his/her clinical records.

Information and Resources for patient & visitors


Admission will be done by the receptionist after registration at the admission counter. Categories of rooms such as private rooms of different types and general ward beds are available at the hospital with a different tariff. Allotment of room will be made at the reception and the room key will be handed over to the patient/patient’s attendant at the time of admission. (In case the category of room requested is not available, another category of room which is available will be allotted and later the patient will be shifted to the room of his choice as and when such category of room falls vacant).

Payment of Initial Deposit

On admission, an initial deposit shall be paid by patients at the Inpatient Billing Department Counter situated in the Reception area depending upon the type of room requested and nature of treatment. Patients shall collect the initial deposit receipt at the time of admission.

Payment of Deposits/Bills

During their stay in the Hospital patients will be billed on a daily basis and those bills have to be paid within two days. The deposit amount will be adjusted at the time of final settlement. Payments should be made by cash or demand drafts or travelers cheques. All Inpatient bills can be paid at the Inpatient Billing Counter. Usually the hospital does not entertain the total bill outstanding to be more than Rs.5000. If the outstanding exceeds Rs.10,000 then, any prescribed single item (medicines / consumables) of value more than Rs.500 should be purchased by the patient on their own from the SPMM pharmacy. Patients can ascertain details of their outstanding payment by using IP Billing department in the hospital reception area. Credit cards are accepted for payment of bills. For more details contact Inpatient billing department


Consultant / Doctor will decide about the discharge time. Patients are requested to inform the ward staff the probable time of departure. After approved by the Medical Consultant, the staff will ensure that the bills are kept ready. The discharge procedure will take 2-4 hours. Thereafter, upon settlement of bills, the room key should be handed over to the respective ward Staff / Staff Nurse while vacating the room. After discharge, patient shall not buy any medicine from the pharmacy or avail the food and beverage facilities on credit, as it will not be possible to include these charges in the final bill, once the accounts are settled. Patients are advised to collect their discharge summaries from the medical record department before leaving the hospital. All patients are advised to vacate the room within 1 hour .


Qualified dieticians will visit the patients every day and explain about their restrictions and prescribed diet. There is also a diet clinic in the first floor for outpatients where patients referred by doctors, are counseled regarding their diet requirement. As a hospital policy patient / patient relatives and visitors are not permitted to bring outside food into the hospital. Therefore patients and patient attendants are advised not to bring food and eatables from outside to the hospital.


Food will be served at the room for the patients only. Patient attendants, relatives and guests are advised to go down to the canteen located on the under ground of the main hospital building for food. Diet will be provided to the patient d menu chart.

Visitors Policy

Hospital is always glad to receive visitors who come to see patients. Visitors are allowed to see the patient between 4pm – 6pm. Visitors will not be permitted beyond visiting hours. After the visiting hours, security staff on duty will go around the hospital and advise all the overstaying visitors to leave the hospital. Visitors are advised to leave the room while the patients are receiving care from Doctor / Nurse.


Only one person will be permitted to stay with each patient. (For surgical cases an additional attendant will be permitted a day prior to the surgery and for a period of 24 hours, and after surgery, thereafter will the consent of the consultant.) For gynecology cases, an additional attendant will be permitted until the time of delivery. Patient attendants are advised to stay always with the patient inside the rooms and not to sit or lay down in the corridors. Additional attendants room will be permitted on chargeable basis at 100% of the room rent per person. Any loss of personal property in the hospital premises should be reported immediately to the hospital security *(Intercom No.552) which works round the clock in the hospital.

Tips And Gifts

Patients are advised not to offer tips to any of the hospital employees. As per hospital policy, our employee/s shall not accept tips or gifts from patients / patients’ relatives.


Patients shall not wash or dry their clothes inside the hospital. There is an in house laundry facility. The hospital laundry staff will visit the room every day between 9.00 am & 10.00 am to collect soiled linen.

No Smoking And Drinking

Smoking and use of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.


Patients relatives and guests are requested to maintain absolute silence within the hospital premises for the peace and tranquility of patients who need it most. Patients are requested not to use their own transistor or radio sets in their room, which may disturb the patients in the neighbouring rooms.

Conserve Water And Electricity

Patients may note that the hospital has limited sanctioned capacity of water and electricity. Therefore in their own interest patients and their relatives are requested to conserve them economically. Certain categories of rooms and all medical equipment rooms have been provided with air conditioning facility. Therefore, patients are advised to keep windows and doors properly closed to sustain air-conditioned room temperature at comfortable levels.

Avoid Display Of Valuables

Patients are advised to keep their belongings like cell phones, watches, purses, gold chains etc with them at all times and not to leave them exposed on tables, beds, wash basins etc. This will help avert loss and inconvenience to all. The Hospital will not be responsible in the event of any loss. Safety locker facility is provided in the room cup-board. Please use them for keeping your valuables.

Health Center

We offer different kinds of health check-up programs at SPMM to suit need. For more details please contact our Master Health Checkup department located in Reception Area.

Enquiries About Our Health Facilities And Cost Visitor Call

Reception, 0427-2244500

Suggestions And Complaints

Hospital welcomes meaningful complaints and suggestions from patients, their relatives, visitors and well wishers for improving the service of the hospital. Suggestions can be given through the feedback form, which will be given by the ward staff before discharge. The form should be filled up and handed over to the ward staff at the time of discharge.

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